SAT 12 | 2014

Dezember 2014

Wissenschaft | Science

Übersichtsarbeit | Review [EN]
Diagnostic imaging and endoscopic finding in dogs and cats with gastric tumors: A review
R. Terragni, M. Vignoli, H. J. van Bree, L. Gaschen, J. H. Saunders
Originalarbeit | Original Article [DE]
Interpretation des Laktatdehydrogenasespiegels in Thoraxerguss und Aszites beim Hund
D. Funk, R. Neiger
Originalarbeit | Original Article [EN]
Comparison of accuracy of pregnancy-associated glycoprotein (PAG) concentration in blood and milk for early pregnancy diagnosis in cows
Z. Gajewski, M. Petrajtis-Gołobów, N. Melo de Sousa, J. F. Beckers, B. Pawliński, A. Wehrend