Journal Schweiz Arch Tierheilkd  
Verlag GST  
Heft Band 154, Heft 5,
mai 2012
Thema Überwachungsprogramme IBR und EL  
ISSN (print) 0036-7281  
ISSN (online) 1664-2848  
online seit 01 mai 2012  
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Proposal for a new radiological index to determine skull conformation in the dog

D. A. Koch1, T. Wiestner2, A. Balli3, P. M. Montavon1, E. Michel3, G. Scharf4, S. Arnold3
1Clinic for Small Animal Surgery, 2Equine Clinic, 3Clinic for Small Animal Reproduction University Zurich, 4Division for Diagnostical Imaging, University Zurich

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